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NUVO is a news website and former print alternative weekly serving the area of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is locally owned and operated and features news stories, music, food, theater, film reviews, classifieds, and other advertisements.

The print version was published in a tabloid format and was available for free at over 900 locations throughout Indianapolis. NUVO began publishing on March 25, 1990, and stopped publication in March 2019.

NUVO continues to publish news for Indianapolis online.

I have been associated with NUVO for over a decade. I started as a part-time graphic designer, then progressed to a Senior Designer role. A couple of years ago, NUVO invited me to return as the head of the Design department and photography manager.

As the department head, I was responsible for various aspects of the print publication, including advertising design, layout design, pagination, and photography. Throughout my tenure at NUVO, I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of Indianapolis's most talented writers, thinkers, and artists. A home away from home.

cover stories

During my first stint with NUVO, the designers would constantly rotate on cover stories, giving each story a different look and feel. I worked on a few hundred covers and stories.

A royal invitation cover
The cost of war
city of reading
Five under 5
NUVO Sound Expeditions

When returned to NUVO I leaped back into my old roots, helping with cover stories, photography and managing the creative department. At times also managed vendors, freelancers, and interns.

Sarah Urist Green

My favorite covers that I had designed were the ones I also went to photograph and direct. I have met so many interesting and wonderful people during the many years behind the camera.


At times I would hire local models or ask friends to come into NUVO and photograph them for our house ads. The goal with this series of advertisements was to create a younger look for NUVO, to refocus our content for the next generation of youngsters in Indianapolis.

ALT ads
Street Team Concepts

Many concepts were created for house material, but never left the conceptual phases of the design.

Street team advertisment

Although these advertisements never made it into publication, they were always fun to stage and photograph. 



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