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CLIENT — Pokémon International Company

Take a huge amount of Pokémon knowledge with you wherever you go with Pokédex 3D Pro! The Nintendo 3DS™ application has stats and information on every known Pokémon, including evolution paths and lists of moves each can learn. And of course, you can view all the Pokémon in incredible 3D!

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About the project

Our friends at Pokémon International Company needed our help to create a website for the last version of the Pokedex 3d Pro game. Taking the namesake we wanted to develop a 3D parallax website. The objective of this site was to emulate a semi 3d environment. Not an easy task when you still had to support Internet Explorer 7.


Taking lessons learned from art schools, we began hitting the whiteboards planning and developing how the 3D panels would move in a parallax environment. Faking shapes as the user scrolled past sections and pushing the eye to other elements floating in space.

Sitemap + Wireframes

Once the sitemap and the wireframes were approved we moved into the design stage of Pokédex 3d Pro. After working on several Pokémon projects we had a good grasp of what design elements the company looked for. Metalic hard edges always seemed to please, with an off the wall background to boot.


AR Markers + Schedules

During gameplay, users would find different AR Markers to display their favorite Pokémon on different surfaces. All items were released at different intervals during the next few months of game release.

Pokémon AR Markers are yet another way to look up and compare Pokémon in the Pokédex 3D Pro application. When looking at a Pokémon via a Pokémon AR Marker, touch one of the type buttons to see how effective a move of that type would be against that Pokémon.

The Design

The design phase of Pokédex 3d Pro was building out several designs, and getting approval per stage before sending the final designs to the development team. The first step of this was to build a home page with all the elements that would be on all the subsequential pages.

The next steps were having each platform a different shape, and or different movement depending if the stage was left or right of the screen.

Pokédex pages stacked
Mattew at his desk playing Team Fortress

It's Pokémon break time

During lunch, our creative team would shut down their computers and launch Team Fortress 2 to forget all the names of each Pokémon we had learned by heart.

JVST – Agency
Charles W. Clark – Senior Designer
Thibaut Delille – Senior Developer
Matthew Colle – Developer


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Charles W. Clark [Charlie Clark]

Charles W. Clark [Charlie Clark]
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All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this website are for identification purposes only.
All other works Charles W. Clark