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Had a great time on the opening night at Indy Scream Park. I was invited to attend for a NUVO project and we took the opportunity to get the thrill. Indy Scream Park offers five different horror-themed haunts and is located in Anderson Indiana. A short drive from Indianapolis, well worth the trip for those who love haunted houses, horror-themed parks, and or just adventure seekers.

I was curious about being able to take photos inside the Park, but I was only allowed to shoot inside the midway and outside of the attractions. But that didn't stop us from having a chilling time inside.

When you first arrive inside Indy Scream Park you immediately walk into the Monster Midway, a nice relaxing area where actors walk around taunting and poking at the newly arriving guests. Two large fire pits keep the visitors warm and booths lining the midway are full of food, beer, and games for people to play. You can even get a portrait of yourself zombified for an additional cost. 

We began our tour through the park heading towards the massive tented area. Inside the large canopy houses three of the attractions.

New for this year is the Nightmare Factory Blackout. Just like it sounds, Blackout is a fully pitch dark experience where you need to hold onto ropes pulling your way through a maze of traps along the way, while the horror actors come to play. I keep running face-first into some of the walls while going through the Blackout so I would tell you please don't run through that experience. 

The other attractions inside the facility housed Pandemic Mutation and Killgore's 3d Circus. Pandemic Mutation reminded me of a virus gone wrong inside a science lab while Killgore's 3d Circus has the horror clown theme. I preferred Killgore's 3d Circus out of all the rooms inside the main tent. Brighter colors, and the feeling of overwhelming panic hits while your vision is hit with 3d lights and horrifying clowns.

Two of the larger themed attractions only open when the sunsets. Zombieland Apocalypse was by far my favorite themed attraction. You wander around a maze of blown-out cars, empty buses, and buildings never knowing where or when someone will startle the hell out of you. The most chilling part for myself was ducking through the maze of buses and wondering though the manikins lining the walls.

The last experience we attended was Backwoods which is about a half-mile of walking through the dark dimly lit woods. Roving chainsaw-wielding country boys come running through the woods while you carry a glow stick through the trails and enter small cabins lining the woods. Screams are heard from each cabin where the actors send out chilling messages to each other regarding dinner. This would be one dinner I would not like to attend.


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