Mike Glover, a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, was in the beginning phases in conceptualizing FieldCraft LLC — a survival training program. I wanted to give back to a guy who dedicated more than 18 years to the country and began setting up the framework for the first FieldCraft Survival website.

Fieldcraft is the tactical skill to operate stealthily and the methods used to do so which can differ during day or night and due to weather or terrain.


FieldCraft Survival LLC brings you U.S. Special Forces approved equipment, training, and consultation from decades of operational experience in hostile environments.

Field Craft Survivals goal is to better prepare the American citizen with knowledge and equipment that preserves life in worst-case scenarios.

charlie in colorodo


The beginning steps of the brand design started off with a series of logo concepts, the thought of outdoors and fire came to mind while creating a survival company logo. Mike and I came to the conclusion with the added Special Force's arrowheads as the fuel for the flame would represent the brand of FieldCraft Survival well.

special forces icon

United States Army Special Forces

To Free The Oppressed

FieldCraft Survival

Observe  // Prepair  // Survive


Prototyping wireframes were used to block in content and focus on the primary mission of the Fieldcraft Survival website. A simple yet direct mission and direction of flow to store. 


The design phased focused on a mixture of topographic maps, and textures along with photography provided by Mike Glover. The feeling was to cast an immersive textured landscape, fueling the thoughts of survival.


Mike Glover — Copy, Photography
Shari Finell — Copy Edit
Charles W. Clark —  Design

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