At Terminus, we are the originators of account-based marketing (ABM), and we take pride in our unparalleled focus on revenue growth. Our mission is to help marketers achieve sustainable growth advantage by driving revenue impact. With our top-notch advertising, industry-leading first-party data, and multi-channel engagement platform, we have transformed over 1000 clients, including Gainsight, Roche, and Dow Jones, into powerful growth engines. It's no wonder that we have been the leading ABM platform on G2 for 17 consecutive quarters.


Throughout my time at Terminus, I have held esteemed positions as both a Brand Designer and Senior Creative Designer, making significant contributions to the company's overall success. My extensive design responsibilities have included spearheading the design for various campaign programs, ranging from digital ads and social media to ebooks, content, presentations, landing pages, and other important brand-related content.

Let's Talk Brand

Terminus' brand is characterized by its dynamic product nature, constantly evolving. The brand embraces change and consistently adapts to new challenges and opportunities. 

Advertising & Campaigns

Throughout my time with Terminus, I have executed numerous campaigns and released an abundance of advertisements across multiple channels. Our brand-aligned creations stand strong alongside the tailored ads crafted specifically for individual launches and campaigns.


Ebooks, Slides and Everything in Print

Our team specifically designed the ebooks to be effortlessly transformed into slide presentations for sales purposes. Our top priority was to ensure that the content was uncomplicated and understandable for all members of our team. The resulting ebooks are highly advantageous resources for both webinars and sales presentations.


Disruption in the market was key to our success, we always searched for innovative and groundbreaking ways to make our mark. 


Creation of custom illustrations for various projects depending on their scope and purpose. These illustrations help improve our messaging and define a unique style for special projects and internal assets.

Did you know that the illustrations of the Terminus characters would sometimes wear Terminus' apparel? It's not a well-known fact.


The Most Comfortable
Part of Our Ad Strategy.

Hey, would you like to start a coffee company and build a clothing store?

Maybe we should start a puppet show. Yes, we did that. 

At Terminus, our brand team consistently showcases their creativity to impress both our clients and potential customers. They've successfully implemented personalized kits, introduced our signature coffee, and established a branded clothing store.

Website Refresh

To kick off the new year with a fresh perspective, we decided to give Terminus.com a major makeover. Our main goal was to rejuvenate the brand by designing a sleek and contemporary website. Working hand in hand with our Content team and Director of Digital Marketing, our top priority was to improve the site's functionality, fine-tune our messaging, and, above all, elevate the user experience. 

To ensure a smooth transfer of the refresh process to our web development agency, we divided it into stages or phases. This allowed us to conduct testing and make any necessary adjustments to the user flow before implementation.


Style Sheets

Style Sheets were implemented to enhance the performance of our buttons and streamline typography for a polished and contemporary brand appearance. This will enable us to enforce consistency throughout the entire website.




We started with a thorough analysis of top performance and platform pages on terminus.com. From there, we broke into the wireframe process and connected key messaging to desired outcomes.




Terminus implemented a mega menu to organize and navigate our rapidly growing product line more efficiently.




Once I obtained the necessary approvals and completed the wireframes, I progressed to the site refresh design stage. Our developers were simultaneously occupied with creating module blocks for the WordPress backend.


Divide and Conquer

During the final stages, our teams were assigned to divide and conquer the implementation of all website components. This was a crucial moment to meet our deadlines and successfully deploy our new site for Q1.

Ceros Experiences

The Ceros Experiences successfully delivered a series of ebooks designed to provide a captivating and interactive reading experience. Each ebook incorporated Cero's animation techniques and featured various exciting elements, including hidden Easter eggs such as a Mad Max car or recognizable faces in the backgrounds. Ultimately, the ebooks were created to be highly engaging assets for both customers and prospects.


Forging Intent Data


Post-Cookie World


Stop Obsessing Over Leads


With A Host of Amazing Talent

Justin Keller - VP, Brand Marketing
Taylor May - Senior Director, Communications
Jillain MacNulty - Sr. Content Marketing Manager
Summer Pratt - Sr. Marketing Designer
Brad Beutler - Senior Director, Digital & Content
Matthew Foote - Director, Digital Marketing
Molly Conor - Digital Content Manager
Lynee Clark - Internal Designer

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