Pokémon Rumble Blast

Client — Pokémon International Company

Engage in intense, all-out action as a Toy Pokémon! Switching between Toy Pokémon is fast and fun. Simple, intuitive controls make Pokémon Rumble Blast easy for new and experienced players alike to pick up and enjoy.

Pokémon Rumble Blast includes more than 600 Toy Pokémon to collect. Each Toy Pokémon has its own unique stats and power levels, and players can decide which one is best suited for each battle.

Parallax Sketches

Starting with simple storyboards on all the stages or menus, we were able to show Pokémon International Company how the effect of the sidescrolling parallax would work.

About Pokémon Rumble Blast

For the second installment, we had the opportunity to work on the Pokémon Rumble Blast. The game developers needed a new creative site that would get fans excited about the next installment of their Nintendo franchise.

Being the first Pokémon installment for the Nintendo 3DS, the Pokémon company wanted JVST to push some boundaries. We came up with a sideways scrolling parallax website, where users could collect coins to keep them engaged on the website while exploring the new Toy Universe.

With almost zero creative assets our team had to map out and create elements from screenshots and character stills. Not only did JVST have to recreate some of the background elements in 3d, but also texture all the environments to match the pokémon creative.

Sitemap + Wireframes

After a series of wireframes, schedules, and sitemaps JVST moved into the design stage of Pokémon Rumble Blast.


The Design

After several rounds of mockups and designs, we nailed the overall feeling of the Pokémon Rumble Blast game. With the side-scrolling views.

JVST – Agency
James Song – Creative Director / 3D

Charles W. Clark – Senior Designer
Thibaut Delille – Senior Developer
Matthew Colle – Developer
Chris Antaki – Developer Animation

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