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Wargaming Group Limited (also known as Wargaming.net) is a Belarusian video game company headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. The group operates across more than 20 offices globally and development studios, the largest of which is located in Minsk, where the company originated from. Initially focused on turn-based strategy and real-time strategy games, Wargaming switched to developing free-to-play online action games in 2009, including the military-themed team-based game World of Tanks.


Wargaming had just moved across the bay from the JVST offices and reached out to us for help regarding print, digital, and television spots. Our first objective began with World of Tanks.

World of Tanks Logo


With Wargamings new global reach initiative JVST began with media buys in the gaming magazine industry. These ads were printing in PC Gamer and other media, which converted into other avenues of web and online ads.


Dependant on the type of media JVST purchased, I would take a Google SketchUp model of a Tank and position it to fit space. After the concept was approved Wargaming would studio send back a 3D render of the tank for me to build into ads. The images below show the rendering states of which I would send concepts in for approval. 

World of Tanks Spec 1
World of Tanks Spec 2
World of Tanks Spec 3
World of Tanks Spec 4


Landing pages were created for all the different models of tanks, or versions of the games and item releases. 

Wargaming Landing Page
Wargaming Landing Page


Many other concepts floated around JVST for tradeshows, special events and or game releases. One of the concepts was to create a calendar featuring military women featured on top of a tank from their country. I was tasked with illustrating the models and hiring professional concept/render artists to match the style of the illustrations. Again I would use Google SketchUp for the Tank model and sketch the character positioned on top of the tank.

World of tanks poster sketch
World of tanks poster sketch
World of tanks poster sketch
World of tanks poster sketch

Original sketch approved to ship to the concept artist.

zaidoigres sketch

Final illustration by Sergio.


When Wargaming decided to expand their reach into other game concepts a pitch was sent out to recreate the brand. For the initial studies of the rebrand, I began by researching historic battle maps surrounding World War II. 

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

—J. Robert Oppenheimer



From the inspiration gained by learning military history, I started the logo concepts with simple sketches in a sketchbook, that I would later take into illustrator to trace. 


Below are the first compositions of the logo traced in Adobe Illustrator to begin modeling and texturing. After many rounds of logo concepts, the final logo was 3D rendered and polished.

Wargaming Illustrator File
Wargaming Illustrator File Eagle
Wargaming Illustrator File Arrows
Wargaming Illustrator File Eagle


The final logo was shipped to an outside 3D studio and rendered to become the new global logo for Wargaming.net

wargaming logo

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